28th September 2007

First cold of the season, and telly

At least the first day of the first cold is over - it surprises me with just how miserable it feels, when it's clearly just a cold and not even something to be dignified by the derisive name "man-flu", let alone flu itself. The second day is sneezes, runny nose, and a very cold feeling (actually, that's just our office really, because everyone was complaining) and the third day, judging by the first hours of it, are coughs and more snot. Deeee-lightful.

The cold weather itself has taken me by surprise, too - we were all hoping for an Indian summer after the dreadful real summer, but all we got were a few sunny warm days and then an almost-instant descent into crisp clear and chilly autumnal days. Ah well. Still, weekend, mustn't grumble, at least I have no specific plans* (I love that sort of weekend! even though I know that what it actually means is lots of house chores), I will see lots of tortipede (fnarr), and Im up to date with Heroes and lovin' it. Still haven't seen the last of the Comics Britannia (Alan Moore) though Jrmy's snippet mention of it somewhere online didn't seem entirely positive.

stellanova, do you want a DVD of the Comics Britannia stuff? I need you to send me your address if so.

* well, one specific plan - to go & see bluedevi at the Port Mahon at 9 pm, doing her poetry & comics stuff!