18th February 2007

diamond dress
Not so much - I watched Toto Le Heros round at Julian's last night and this morning, in order to, I dunno, feel Protestant-work-ethicky about Sunday we went for a cycle ride up to Shotover and a walk in the park itself. It feels fairly hardcore what with starting off in a steepish cycle ride up Morrell Avenue and then on, getting second wind, past the various hospitals such as the Churchill and the Nuffield, across the crossroads which takes you over the ringroad and then oh my let's walk the bikes from here due to steepness.

The bike seemed to get heavier and heavier as I pushed it up - not just an excuse, because after all it had my winter coat and handbag and another cloth bag and it's a heavy bike in itself. Wandering around Shotover was very pleasant, though, and made me feel like not everything is global warming quite yet, because though the weather was quite mild everything else was about right for Feb, from the snowdrops to the bare trees and ground. All in all, though, after the 45-min walk and the cycle getting there, it was a great pleasure to decide on a place for lunch (the Oxford Blue - the bitter there is a bit too bitter, but the food was tasty) and then to sit down and not feel like moving for a bit.

Toto Le Heros was good, but I was slightly prejudiced against it because I'd thought from the first few scenes and further on that probably the main character was going to feel all sorry for himself for having had a hard life, to the extent of taking a serious revenge on the character whose life mirrors his but is richer and better in certain ways. It's not as easy as that, thankfully; and the storytelling is great, which is always a big point for me in films. But I can say that I was sceptical until the denouement, which made totally sure I had no lasting concerns about it.