25th February 2003

And Sunday afternoon too

sleep of reason
After the brain scanning, I was oddly hungry (despite it being only about 12 o'clock and me having just lain there trying to filter out beeps and boops). Solution -- drive to Tescos, stock up, and also make lunch plans with Jrmy and Damian. (Backup house food, d'y see, in case fun going out was not on the cards.)

In the event that plan was augmented by one item - S spotted that the passenger-side wing mirror on the car was dangling in a very precarious way, presumably a victim of a close shave drive-by (or maybe the gittish brats from the other day? who knows). I was slightly horrified that I'd not noticed it on my drive over to the JR, to be honest, but then I mostly look in my rear view mirror rather than the wing mirrors anyway. Am I bad evil and wrong? So as soon as we got to the Tesco carpark (where there was more elbow room), S and I pushed and pulled and managed to get the mirror back on. Ah, DIY. And another tick on the list of the day's accomplishments.

But the main part of the day was going round to J&D's and thence to Café Coco, eating tasty food (and bearing with the rather witless waitress), chatting about nothing and everything, and then wandering over to the Botanical Gardens to look at spring just arriving. Of course in the hothouses that's kind of irrelevant, but there you can look with amazement at the fantastically sturdy spikes on spikes on spikes*, a sort of arms race with MAD of the vegetable world.

* ok, I exaggerate slightly. But it was over-the-top.

I wish they had the common names of the plants, instead of just the latin ones. Having the common English names plus the local names would be particularly cool -- they did that for Starfruit (carambola) but I think that's just because in that case the latin name is what it's called. But whatever, I did see a lot of interesting plants from Latin America which I partially recognised at least. (Hello Fred, hello custard apple.)

The mysterious eyes in the copper beeches outside the entrance to the Gardens (in the labyrinthine bit celebrating the discovery of penicillin) were great too; Jrmy reckoned they were purposefully made. I'm sure that the handle sticking out of the side of one of the beeches was, but the eyes? Anyway, I was just enjoying moseying in company, looking at a bit of Oxford I mostly don't get round to seeing, holding hands with S and watching J&D stump ahead, Jrmy's coat swishing, both of them just so definitely there. It's a thing, it's an Oxford thing, it's a me thing.

Afterwards we went back to J&D's for a cuppa and a couple of cartoon cartoons -- !Mucha Lucha! and Cardcaptors, ahh... What a great day. It's kind of what I came back to Oxford for.